Single Strand
(of 15 CLEAR/WHITE lights).  
These are a steady light
Wine Bottle Lights
Have you been saving an empty
bottle from a special occasion but
aren't quite sure what to do with
it?  Well check these out!  Simply
insert a string of these lights and,
Voila!  You have a one-of-a-kind
keepsake to display!

Each wire strand features 15 LED
lights and requires one AA
battery.  The best part: the lights
feature a 6 hour time so you
don't have to worry if you forget
to turn them off!
Buy 3 Strands
(of CLEAR/WHITE lights)
for $30!!
An aluminum cylinder holds the battery
and acts as a bottle stopper.
Single Strand
(of 15 multicolored
twinkling lights)
3 Strands
(of  multicolored twinkling lights)
$30 for 3 strands

If you prefer a mix of white and the
colored, twinkling lights, please order
the clear and then
email us with your

Signature Pieces
7775 Hwy 42   P.O. Box 221
Egg Harbor, WI  54209
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