This is a similar idea to our photo cables shown above
but instead of magnets, the "Hang It" Photo Display
system uses mini clothespins (as shown in the inset
photo below). Everything you need is included: two
vertical white wooden wall mounts, 5 pre-mounted
strings and 40 mini clothes pins - you simply supply the
Overall measurements are 26" x 30".
Magnetic Photo Cables
These 57" long metal cables come with 9 super-strong
mini magnets for attaching and displaying your favorite
photos. The cable features a loop on one end for hanging
and a weight on the other end so the cable hangs straight.

This is a super-easy and unique way to display photos and
cards in small spaces - offices, apartments,
dorm rooms, nursing homes, etc.
(Have more space?  Use more cables!).
Our 3 most-popular styles are shown below.
$12.50 each
Plain Magnets
(9 included)

These tiny silver disk magnets
are the safest choice as they
attract the least attention
away  from the photo
Button Magnets
(9 included)
Button Magnets
(9 included)

Illuminated "Glo" Frame

This 5" x 7"  metal and glass frame is unlike any other in
that it lights up!  Your photo is sandwiched between two
panes of glass and the nickel-colored base contains an LED
light that illuminates your photo.  Put a modern twist on
any photo.

This makes a wonderful memorial frame for a beloved pet
or family member...  
You'll see it in our window if you come by the shop!
$24.95 each

Wrought Iron
Circle Frame

We think this is one of the coolest photo frame designs
we've ever seen in that it can sit OR hang!  EACH metal
and glass circle frame comes complete with the wrought
iron stand (as shown) which can easily be removed to then
hang the frame (circle only) on the wall!  Genius!
Made from black metal and clear

5" x 7" $24.95 each
Clear Gem
(9 included)